Saturday, July 28

Aunt Violet at 91 & Me at 77

I just finished reading my post on Aunt Violet when she was 88 and now she is 91. Where has the time gone? I feel I may have lost some of you who were following me but can only hope you will come back for I have a lot to say.

Where have I been to not post a word in so long? I have been busy dealing with life and stuff. I get distracted from what is important and go long periods without seeing the people who matter. My gardens have been neglected because of the heat and only the strongest plants have survived. Between the heat and the animals there is not much left. I plan to replant some things that will do well in the fall.

The state of the nation has caused me a lot of concern and I can't remember when my interest -bearing checking account made more than a few dollars. This led me down a road of self imployment with real estate investment as a means of earning the extra money I would need if I lived into my 80's (or maybe as long as Aunt Violet). I purchased a house, improved it and rented it. This would give me an income and investment of my dwindling funds.

With my investment house paid off I used the equity to purchase another house, improved it and, if things go right, will have sold it by this time next month. This time I saw a reasonable return on my investment and labor. The rental house is still occupied and when the second house closes I will pay off the small mortage and the first house will be free and clear once again.

So you see I have been very busy and many days too tired to write once the day was done. 
You may be asking yourself what a 77 year old garden writer is doing getting into the real estate flipping business. When I saw my net worth slipping by a third I was alarmed, as many of you have felt. Even at 77 I still have energy and ideas that could allow me to rebuild my savings. Even though I have never been a gambler this time I rolled the dice with all I had. I worked smarter with my projects as I acknowledged that my strength was not that of even a 60 year old. I hired work done I might have done myself a few years ago.

I also had help from my children who came to paint, lay wood floors and repair creaks and my nieghbor who cleaned the oven. More than anyone though my cousin Dennis, just two years from a heart transplant, and with his wife, was project manager with both houses. He still helps me keep the houses in good repair.

So, as I am still smarting from the sting of Obama's remarks, about business people didn't become successful by themselves, I think of all the businesses I have started and ran over the years.And with no help from the government, in fact in spite of the government and over-regulation.

Patrica Lanza, Custom Interiors, Eatontown, NJ
Lanza's Country Inn, Livingston Manor, NY
Shandelee Herb & Perennial Gardens, Shandelee, NY
The Potager, Wurtsboro, NY

At age 77 I am still self-employed with: 4 books I have authored, and writing for magazines, doing public speaking and appearances. Now I can add real estate owner & house flipper. I have no intention of not working but enjoy the challange.    

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  1. So glad to see you back and my you have been a busy person!! The economy is scary and so is this crazy weather. My garden isn't producing much either and my flowers are dieing as we speak. I watered them at first ...but now I'm worried that the well will go dry.
    I admire your courage to take such risk and for them to turn out well for you.