Monday, July 12

Crazy Days of Summer

It's been a big year and I'm taking advantage of a hot summer days to stay inside and get some writing work done. It's long overdue and I may have lost readers due to my inaction but you have to understand my life to know what motovates me.

The year began with our trip home from Sarasota, FL to Crossville, TN. A two day stop over in Atlanta and visit with my daughter, Debbie, made the trip last three and a half days.

With unpacking, from a winter in thrift store heaven, left undone, just loaded into the walk-in closet, I packed for a trip to Kansas City, MO where I gave a dozen lectures.

We traveled back home from KC and threw ourselves into the garden season with a huge project. Six years ago I had cardboarded and mulched the paths and parking areas and laid newspaper and mulch in the gardens. It was time to do it again as the weeds had begun to creep in. I gathered cardboard from the Dollar Store, and neighbors who had just moved in, and lots of mulch and began a project that may take all month.

Everything came to a stop in the garden as we got ready to travel to Mississippi for lectures to State Master Gardeners. I packed our bags for a three night stay and left hanging clothes on hangers to stay pressed. I left them on the stair railing as I placed bags in the car. After a seven hour drive we arrived in time for a fish fry and dancing and crashed in our room for cool air. As I unpacked I couldn't find the hanging clothes and could see them still hanging on the stair railing at home. We headed out to Walmart. After spending money for clothes we didn't need we go back to our room to rest up for the upcoming lectures. The drive home was seven hours.

Back at the lake house and as soon as we were rested it was back to work in the garden but not for long as we needed to make a trip to Monterey, TN and give a lecture to Senior Citizens in a town my father's people had come from originally. The ladies made fired apple pies and I ate too many.

I celebrated my 75th birthday with family in New York and New Jersey in late May. We drove with my brother Tom and his wife, Cheryl, and were gone two weeks. It was good to see everyone and party with the kids and grands. When we returned home it took days to rest and get back to work.

Back at the lake house the summer garden projects were harder to do as the heat was so bad and we didn't it want to be lethel. We got outside in the early morning and late afternoon. Slowly the gardens were put in shape with not a weed in site and perky annuals brighting the garden on a whole.

In my gardens, that bloom from early sping until winter, it takes more labor to keep them coming on. I prune, divide, feed, water and mulch for the entire year to keep them at their best. Dave's gardens, on the other hand, only require a good cleaning in the spring and some annual plantings to keep them looking good. He likes things small and does some pruning but will only move a plant if it grows out of the space he has alotted.

There's a lesson here but I forget what it is.


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