Thursday, August 6

Daylilies..Big Bang for Few Bucks

Daylilies are addictive! It all starts when you plant road-side daylilies, you know the tall orange ones that are like wildflowers? Trust me, you will not be satisfied with just these road-side flowers in your garden.

First thing you know you see what you cousin Linda is growing; the tall clear yellow with blooms as large as a dessert plate or the deepest red you have ever seen and you want some like that. And if your garden friend Louise invites you to take a walk through her gardens you are sure to develope Daylily envy.

When I walked through Louise's garden she told me the name of each lily and where it had come from. Many came from her mother's garden and many of those had been grown from seed. Yes, the lilies make seed if allowed to mature.

I thought back to some of my lilies that had dropped seed and come back with a cluster of fragile leaves that I didn't know how to protect. I probably mulched over them.

By planting lilies that bloom at different times you can have a long season of blooms. My first blooms come from repeat bloomers, mostly yellows, followed by some that only bloom once but last a very long time.

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