Wednesday, July 29

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come.

It was one of my favorite songs to dance to and Kansas City is one of my favorite places to go. Imagine my delight to be asked back to speak at the Johnson City Home and Garden Show for the 2010 season? It will be my fifth trip and, by the time the show is over, my 48th lecture for KC gardeners.

The 2010 Johnson County Home and Garden Show is be held February 26, 27 & 28 at the Overland Park Convention Center at 600 College Boulevard in Overland Park, Kansas and Dave and I will be a part of this great show.


  1. My daughters and I absolutely love your books, Lasagna Gardening and Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces. My eleven-year-old, in particular, has been on fire for gardening ever since reading them, puttering around her plants each day with great joy. Thanks to you, our whole family has discovered the joys of composting as well!

    We are about to begin a somewhat ambitious project--creating a Lasagna bed around the whole perimeter of our guest cottage so that it will be ready to plant in the spring. We have enlisted our friends to help us collect newspaper and leaves so we have enough.

    Many thanks for a great and entertaining book. Your stories about your grandmother are particularly memorable.

  2. Thanks Alice. I am just begining a new project with five years olds. We are going to make a long narrow lasgana garden at the school. The children will lay down paper, cover it and plant bulbs and pansies. It is located by a chain link fence so that next spring they can plant tiny pumpkins to grow on the fence. The children are too cute. Check out amazon.ocm for a book called My Mother's Garden and a story I wrote called My Grandmother's Aprons.

    Happy Gardening, Pat