Monday, October 12

Photos in the Garden

Thank goodness for digital cameras because I have always taken a lot of photos and it was expensive to buy film and get it processed, not to mention the gas and time for trips back and forth to the store. I still take lots of photos but when I don't get a good shot I just delete it.

When you get a picture of something you like it's nice to store it where you can get to it later and look at it. That's what happened with the ripe tomatoes. I took the shot, looked at it and liked it. I saved it in several places including on a disk. When a blight hit my tomatoes, and I lost all my plants, I still had this photo.

The Lamb's Ear and Purple Heart that line the driveway deserved to have it's picture taken. I never look at it without remembering two of my daughters, Debbie and Mickey, who brought plants from Atlanta, GA and Westbrookville, NY and planted them. The Purple Heart is a little too far North to be fully dependable and likes being close to the driveway but the Lamb's Ear made itself right at home and reseeds everywhere.

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